Team building, weekly classes, away days, problem solving or a special treat to reward staff.

  • Experience

    Teaching since 2010, we have a wealth of experience and have taught a variety of businesses from self-employed artists in their studios, research scientists, ad agency staff, bankers at Canary Wharf and the Metropolitan Police.




    1. It's FUN.
    2. Ssssh, don't tell everyone, but while most people think they can't hoop, they actually can. So you get a great sense of acheivement.

    3. You spend too much time in chairs, meeting and confined spaces. Hooping will give you that chance to move in a new and different way.

    4. It's a challenging mind and body workout.



    Designed to fit with your focus.

    We can run team building workshops about: balance, coordination, creativity, strengths.

    Or simply teach a fun fitness session that are suitable for all.



    We can help with weekly classes or helping you set up a hoop club in your workplace.


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    We'll tailor workshops to your organisation's needs and budget.

    Get in touch to find out more.

    Frome, Somerset
  • Feedback from sessions



    "Thank you!

    You gave us a lesson (in the 'chocolate factory' at Centrespace) and I had a fabulous time."


    HSBC, Canary Wharf

    "“Emilie is an excellent and creative instructor!
    Motivating and enthusiastic throughout the class.

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Classes and workshops are subject to a cancellation fee if less than a week's notice is given. In the unlikely event of some or all of a course being cancelled by The Joy of Hooping, we'll offer you a replacement or refund.

All our hoops are hand made to order. As a result, they may have character! We aim to produce beautiful bespoke hoops - please chose your colours and design carefully as custom designs are non-refundable.


Please treat your hoop with love. 
They like to be played with often and will serve you well.

- Cold conditions can cause cracking
- Heat, humidity and storage conditions can alter hoop shape
- Damp can cause tape to detach
- Shiny tapes may scuff on some surfaces
- Don't feed them after midnight
• Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Don't do things that hurt and mind the chandeliers!
• Careful how you coil - if you have a travel hoop follow the instructions and be gentle please.

HELP! I hurt my hoop...

We offer a Hoop Hospital service - get in touch with the patient's details and we'll see what we can offer in the way of TLC.

We have an awesome bedside manner.


If you are unhappy with your order, please notify us by email as soon as possible so we can help. Used hoops cannot be returned.

- x -