• "The classes are fun, liberating, silly, exciting, tricky, and something completely different. "


    Franca, Bristol

    "I was very surprised how effective and fun
    a hula hoop exercise workout can be.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and the members did too.”

    - Sam Bernard, Studio Manager
    Fitness and Wellbeing Centre
    HSBC, Canary Wharf, London

    "After a long and boring day at work hooping really gave me something to smile about!


    It also helped my coordination, something that I didn't think I had any of, but I surprised myself."

    - Franca, Bristol


    - Vicky Gritt, Bristol

    "It’s Friday lunchtime and I’m thoroughly enjoying gyrating inside a hoola hoop at an exercise class, currently operating within Hauser & Wirth’s Piccadilly space."


    Hoop dance courses and workshops in Frome, Somerset


    for beginners or to refresh their skills

    Saturday 30th March 2-3pm


    for people with some hoop dance experience

    5 week course starts 24th April




    for intermediate hoopers who want to dance with the hoop



    This 5 week course is aimed at hula hoopers with some experience who'd like to get to grips with putting moves together and playing with some group choreography.


    Each of the 5 weeks we'll look at a different style of music and spend half the session mastering the moves and the other half putting them together into a short routine.


    date Wednesdays from 24th April

    time 7-8pm

    at HUBnub Center, Frome BA11 3BY


    (no class May 1st)


    £60 for 5 sessions


    Hoops are provided for the class and video access to routines will be available so you can practice at home.



    for absolute beginners and hoopers who want to refresh their skills




    Hula hooping is a fantastic form of exercise for body and mind, toning muscle and improving confidence and coordination. It can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes (similar to running - and probably more fun!) It's easier to stick to get moving if it's something you enjoy - come along and give it a whirl!


    date Wednesdays from 24th April
    time 8-9 pm
    at HUBnub Center in Frome, BA11 3BY


    Suitable for complete beginners - hoops are provided for classes.


    (no class May 1st)


    £60 for 5 sessions



    IT'S FUN.


    What's Hoop Dance? Hoop dance is a mixture of circus and dance skills that's suitable for all. It's creative, low impact and gets your whole body moving.


    Will I have rock hard abs at the end? I don't know about that, but you'll be able to feel that you've been moving. As well as being a great workout for the parts you'd expect: hips and core, there's the potential to gain upper body strength with off-body moves. As a bonus you'll learn things in both directions and on both sides, which not only keeps you 'balanced' but gets some juicy brain stuff going on. It's FUN.


    Will it be like the gym? Nope. This isn't like a fitness class where someone shouts instructions. Participants have time and space to take the content at their own pace with a mixture of group and individual tuition in each class.


    More courses and workshops coming soon...


    Do I need a hoop? Hoops are provided for classes BUT you'll get most from the course if you have a hoop to practice with between sessions.


    What if I can't do it? Emilie's a skilled teacher, she'll put you at ease and within a week or 2 most people grasp most things. If not, all you'll need is a little more practice.


    Do I need to be a dancer / have coordination? Nope. You're all good. All are welcome provided you're fit to exercise. If you have any special requirements let us know.


    What should I wear / bring? Bring your hoop if you have one, not too full a tummy and a bottle of water.

    Wear something comfortable that's not too drapyey/long (tangle risk!) and ideally natural fibres (less slippery). Go fitness / full bling / costume. Whatever makes you HAPPY!


    Where am I going?

    Find the HUBnub on googlemaps


    Where can I park?

    Ask Parkopedia

  • Learn with Emilie

    Everyone can hoop! Online hoop dance classes, tutorials and workshops in your area.

    Emilie Joy Rowell

    Professional hoop dancer.

    Emilie has been teaching hoop dance for almost 10 years. She first picked it up in 2009 after seeing Grace Jones rock the hoop on stage; she realised life was missing something circular and started learning. Since then she’s been hooked on hoop and has performed in large choreographed acts as well as solo and smaller group shows across the UK, and was in the final 10 of Hooping Idol 2014.


    She’s taught over 1,000 people to hoop at classes, festivals and workshops including pensioners, policemen, toddlers and bankers. Interested in hooping as a release and a challenge; a tool for creativity and health.


    She's also a fully qualified yoga teacher, so you know you're in safe hands.


    Places are booking fast!

    Beginners Course

    - for hoop newbies

    Choreography Course

    - for improvers

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Classes and workshops are subject to a cancellation fee if less than a week's notice is given. In the unlikely event of some or all of a course being cancelled by The Joy of Hooping, we'll offer you a replacement or refund.

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