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Why Hoop Dance?

Stay Playful

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Hoop dance is a holistic workout, exercising the left and right sides of your brain while you hoop. Hooping uses spatial perception, strategy, feeling, patterns, imagination, detail and logic. You’ll learn to do things with both hands and in both directions, challenging mind and body, helping you learn new skills, improving coordination and balance. What's not to like? Add some great tunes and it's *really* good fun.

MUSCLE - If you think you’d just be using your hips you’ll be surprised. Stretch and tone muscle all over your body while hooping. Hoop dance uses legs, arms, abs, core and pelvic floor muscles. It's all-round feel good fitness.

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Personally, I ♥ hooping because it: feels great, keeps me fit, defies gravity, makes
me smile, connects, builds focus, generates strength, improves sex, is
calming, rocks.

© Emilie Joy Rowell, The Joy of Hooping