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Hoop Dance and Social Distancing

Covid 19 and hooping.

It's time to talk seriously about what we can do to slow the spread of coronavirus, and what that might mean for your hoop practice. It's a bummer for sure, but not all bad.

While it's not yet recommended for things to stop, it's sensible for us all to change some little things to make stuff safer for everyone.

  1. I don't plan on stopping classes at the moment and am watching out for expert and government advice
  2. We do need to adapt a bit.

Why hooping is *relatively* safe...

  • We're already at least a meter away from one another in class, and that's the kind of distance that's being used in Italy as a safe distance between tables in cafes.
  • minimal contact - we don't generally do a whole ton of touchy-feely stuff
  • moving is healthy!
  • being in community is good for you - loneliness and depression generally aren't
  • there's some evidence that music and dance are both good for boosting immunity

Why we need to make changes...

If you're under 65(ish) and healthy, the risks for you are relatively small. That's great, but can make it difficult to understand why we need to take action now. There's no vaccine, no immunity and this illness is not at all fun. 15-20% of people have bad symptoms. Our beloved NHS is already underfunded and stretched. Let's do what we can to keep our community safe.

In order to slow the very fast transmission, of this new and relatively unknown virus, we need to minimise close contact. People with compromised immune systems and the elderly are more likely to suffer if we don't take care of ourselves. And taking care of yourself and other folks is generally a good idea, right?

Changes and what's staying the same...

To me it feels ethical to make classes as safe as possible for all of us.

  • Please wash your hands as you leave home, and wash your hands when you arrive at the venue for class.
  • For now, I am providing anti-bacterial spray and cloths to wipe down hoops.
    - Please take care of cleaning the hoops you use at the beginning and end of class. This means I'll be keeping hoops in the cupboard - take out what you'd like to use and give it a wipe over.
  • We're not using yoga mats for now to minimise surface contact potential
  • NEW COURSE - booking soon - yay! & some workshops, but these may need to change to outdoors or face cancellation at short notice, thanks in advance for your understanding.
  • We will have slightly different T&C and options for if venues close. This may include online classes or taking our hoops outdoors. If you're at home or outdoors with space there's less risk. I'm working on this now, but also trying to make individual contact with my students. I want to hear how you're all doing and what can make this kinda crappy situation better.
  • Some cool online stuff is heading your way soon... some with hoops and some without. Stay tuned.

Please let me know what you think.

comment below or send me an email...