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Can hula hooping change your life?

- hooping as a lifestyle

Tori talks about how hooping has helped her...  

"I have been hooping for two and a half years. I found hooping when I wanted to find a way to exercise that I would enjoy but that wasn’t as boring as the gym or as intimidating as a dance class. I can safely say that what began as a weekly hoop has turned into a lifestyle. The hooping community is a worldwide phenomenon and I am chuffed to be a part of it.


Hooping has taught me patience and perseverance – I recently cracked a trick that I have been trying to learn for two years! The satisfaction in that?! Incomparable.

Hooping has taught me confidence and is a great stress reliever, it has the ability to turn my day around. Whenever I feel rubbish I get in the hoop and it takes me somewhere.

But most of all it is fun! Standing in a circle with people dancing to music, being silly and sharing tricks. . . . that’s what its all about."

- Tori