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About Emilie

Hoop Dance Artist and teacher
Emilie is a professional hoop dance artist with over 4 years experience as a  performer and teacher, working with people of all ages and backgrounds.  She has a degree in Fine Art in Context and is a member of Equity and the Foundation for Community Dance.
She has shared her Joy of Hooping with toddlers, pensioners, the MET police, scientists, artists
and hundreds of happy festival goers, bankers at Canary Wharf and employees of Nokia.
As well as hula hooping at vintage fairs and private parties, Emilie has danced with fire for crowds of up to 10,000 at Secret Garden Party, created an LED multi-sensory stage show aimed at deaf and hard of hearing and hearing audiences at the O2. In the past year she has had the pleasure of (In)visible dancing with Protein Dance, parading at Wilderness Festival with Macnas and being in the top 10 of Hooping Idol 4.
Check her out in action here.
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