Beginers hula hoop class begins soon Booking essential.



    6 week beginner course runs from Monday 8th May - Monday 12th June.



    Hula Hoop Dance FUNdamentals

    Beginners hula hoop course

    Come and join us for this fun, challenging and rewarding hula hoop dance course. We'll be focusing on a different part of the body each week, classes are gently guided and there's time for individual questions and development. You'll use muscles you didn't know you had and give your brain a workout.

    "The Joy of Hooping classes are fun, liberating, silly, exciting, tricky, and something completely different."
    - Franca



    • A few 'speedy booking' places available ONLY £30

    6 week course runs Monday May 8th - 12th June.


    Emilie has been a hoop dancer since 2009 when she saw Grace Jones hoop to 'Slave to the Rythm'. Since then she’s been hooked on hoop and has performed in large choreographed acts as well as solo and smaller group shows across the UK, and was in the final 10 of Hooping Idol 2014.

    She’s taught over 1,000 people to hoop at classes, festivals and workshops including pensioners, policemen, toddlers and bankers. Interested in hooping as a release and a challenge; a tool for creativity and health.

  • Hoop Dance Workshops

    NEW - hoop dance workshop content for 2017:



    A meditative hoop dance workshop suitable for all, including simple movement with the hoop to explore texture and emotion.

    Get in touch to find out about other options and availability for your event

    • BRIGHTON FLOW FEST - 14th May 2017 •
    • OXFORD 24th June 2017

    • BATH - July TBC


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Classes and workshops are subject to a cancellation fee if less than a week's notice is given. In the unlikely event of some or all of a course being cancelled by The Joy of Hooping, we'll offer you a replacement or refund.

All our hoops are hand made to order. As a result, they may have character! We aim to produce beautiful bespoke hoops - please chose your colours and design carefully as custom designs are non-refundable.


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- Cold conditions can cause cracking
- Heat, humidity and storage conditions can alter hoop shape
- Damp can cause tape to detach
- Shiny tapes may scuff on some surfaces
- Don't feed them after midnight

• Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Don't do things that hurt and mind the chandeliers!

• Careful how you coil - if you have a travel hoop follow the instructions and be gentle please.

HELP! I hurt my hoop...

We offer a Hoop Hospital service - get in touch with the patient's details and we'll see what we can offer in the way of TLC.

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